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December 17 - 19
National Institute of Design
Communities, Healthcare, Mobility

Vision Plus 2010 has concluded!
These have been some exciting and inspiring three days at the wonderful premises of the National Institute of Design.
With attendants from 14 countries and 30 presentations Vision Plus 2010 covered a wide range of engaging issues in the domains of Communities, Healthcare, and Mobility.

Please consult the Conference Programme for details - you will find the presenters' details as well as the presentations in downloadable format.

If you are interested in the detailed conference documentation- please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the rich experience and constructive exchanges!
We hope to see some concrete collaborations to happen in the near future.

Vision Plus is an internationally recognised series of conferences, dedicated to all aspects of Information Design.

Initiated by the International Institute for Information Design - IIID, in 1995, these events became a regular get-together not only for the world's Information Design experts but also a growing audience of representatives from businesses, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and academia.

The Ahmedabad City Map

We have prepared a beautiful Map in PDF format, produced by NID students exclusively for Vision Plus 2010!

Download the Map-File for Google Earth.