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December 17 - 19
National Institute of Design
Cathy Huang

CBi Bridge
Shanghai, China

Cathy Huang is a dynamic entrepreneur and respected thought leader in China's design industry. She is President of China Bridge International - CBI. Under her guidance, CBI has become a primary design research and innovation strategy firm in China. Aiming to improve and expand the value and quality of design, motivates her to take part in judging and speaking for renowned design events and awards. These include the iF Design Award China, Pentaward - Chinas Most Successful Design Award, and China Innovative Design Awards. She speaks on international conferences in America, Europe, Asia, and frequently lectures in leading universities around the world, such as the Danish School of Art and Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China Europe International Business School, China Central Academy of Fine Art, Tongji University. Her design views have been featured in CNBC, Fortune China, Design, Korea, ID magazine, and many other publications. Currently she is actively involved in promoting the effects and values of design for business, publishing Mobile Inspiration, and Managing Design for Business Success: Readings and Case Studies on Design Management, as well as many business and design articles.


Service Design
Empowering a Non-Profit's Approach to Improve Literacy in China

What began as an offer from China Bridge - CBi, to design a collection system for book donations blossomed into a service re-structuring for a non-profit organization focused on improving literacy in China.
A non-profit organization is operating in China with the support of the Chinese government to establish and maintain libraries for under-financed schools and orphanages in developing areas across China and Asia to improve literacy rates. Their ability to grow revolves around the collection of books, increasing awareness and support from society, and creatively utilizing logistics and resources.
The organization already had 200 libraries established across China, with a plan to double that number during the following year. This ambitious goal caused the organization to seek ways to improve donations rates and support from society, without causing costs and resources to double.

Observe, learn, ask and interact. To start, we identified and analyzed the needs and influencing factors of both internal and external decision makers. Then we conducted in-depth interviews with previous, current, and potential partners and donors to understand their concerns and needs in order to develop a plan that would motivate greater participation.
Our initial research revealed a much broader opportunity for improvement and results, far beyond a collection system for books and donations. To move forward, the leadership needed to re-prioritize and rank its desired results and ultimately reframe the project objectives and deliverables.

Initially, we aimed to provide a book collection process improvement that would increase donations. However, after using design research and design thinking we empowered the organization by providing them with a roadmap to improve their communications, partnership value, marketing strategy and book collection process. The insights and design direction offered by CBI allowed the client to successfully attain its objectives, while also providing a sound service structure for furthering its aim of introducing thousands of children to the world of books. Today, recommendations have been implemented and a new book collection services will soon be rolled out to 70 cities across China.

The social divide is increasing. Yet, access to information and knowledge is increasing - only if you are literate. Literacy does matter.



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