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December 17 - 19
National Institute of Design
Wilhelm Klauser

InD initialdesign berlin
Berlin, Germany

Wilhelm Klauser, 1961, studied architecture and urban planning in Stuttgart/Germany and Paris/France. He lived and worked from 1992 – 1998 in Tokyo/Japan, and from 1998 – 2003 in Paris / France. In 2003 he founded InD initialdesign, Berlin: architecture, urban planning, research. He developed regional and urban strategies in Greece (Thessaloniki), Germany (Munich) and France (Paris, Seine Aval, Vallées Stéphanoises). 2008-2009 he was part of a team invited by the French Government to propose ideas for the redevelopment of its capital region (Grand Paris). Focus of research in urban and regional infrastructures. Since 2002 teaching at different universities (Bauhaus Dessau, RWTH Aachen, ETH Zürich, TU Berlin), lectures and publications.


Urban Planning and Information Design
Interdependencies of Infrastructural Design and Community Development

Infrastructures define urban environments. They benefit from open information flows and are changing rapidly due to accelerated developments and innovative applications for communication. Changes in infrastructural organization impact people's live in cities and villages, having a direct effect on how cities and villages are used. Although interdependencies between urban planning and infomation design are very obvious there is little cooperation. Integrating information design as an essential tool for community development will help to find new approaches.

Research and large scale urban redevelopment projects we did over the last decade made us understand the necessity of a strong interdisciplinary approach in design. Rather than taking up assignments by expert administrators, we have to define the project-goals from this interdisciplinary perspective, seeking the most appropriate strategy for each particular challenge - adapting to change and not sticking to preconceived methods.

Integration of Information Design and Urban Planning as a tool to speed up and sustain community development is inexistent.
Only in collaborative projects with clearly defined deliverables can we overcome this gap.

Implementation of a mobile retail structure and development of a regional information backbone as models for alternative infrastructures - 2011 ongoing.

Various Retail Systems in Europe and Japan
Metro, Germany
Edeka, Germany
Carrefour, France
Tesco, United Kingdom
7and11, Japan

Discount Strategies in Europe - Development over the last 15 Years. Brief Summary
World Economic Forum 2009 - Supply Chain Decarbonization, the Role of Logistics

Hisao Fujimoto (2002). Supply Chain for the Synchronisation of Production and Distribution, Osaka Keidai Ronshu

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