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December 17 - 19
National Institute of Design
Arnab Khound

Tata Elxsi Limited (TEL)
Bangalore, India

Arnab Khound studied engineering prior to completing his postgraduate degree at the National Institute of Design. He enjoys working in user-centric projects which involve creative interactivity.

Health Bonus Account
A Collaborative Platform For Health Awareness

- To come up with a design solution that could support persuasive health management

- Data Collection & Analysis through interviews with stakeholders, subject matter experts, and users

The Health Bonus Account became a collaborative platform to improve health awareness based on existing Patient Health Records. It provides a common platform not only for trainees but also for trainers involved in various preventive health programs, and insurance companies, enabling all involved to work in a symbiotic fashion and thus benefitting from each other's involvement.

In the current phase three major target groups have been taken into consideration. In the next phase medical professionals will also be involved, rendering the system more robust.

Chadha, A.; Mehdi, A. & Malik, G. (2007),'Impact of Preventive HealthCare on Indian Industry and Economy', Indian Council for Research on International
Economic Relations 198.

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